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Verification Handbook for Investigative Reporting just released in Arabic

Now Arabic speaking journalists also have access to the data verification lessons and techniques contained in the EJC’s free guide.


Studying Africa by numbers can be misleading. What can be done about it?

Morten Jerven explains why the numerical basis used to report on African economies suffers from major knowledge gaps.


Web VR Starter Kit

Create virtual reality scenes in seconds.


Retrieve and archive Twitter data.

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Wheel of Fortune: Cambodian data journalists visualize the ruling family’s corporate empire

To make data amassed by a new Global Witness report widely accessible, The Phnom Penh Post developed a detailed wheel visualization.


Postal big data: Global flows as proxy indicators for national wellbeing

Using 14 million postal records from 187 countries, researchers demonstrated that postal data can indicate elements of socioeconomic wellbeing.

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